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Below are answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding Acupuncture and Tui Na (Chinese Massage) Treatments

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The first session will begin with an initial consultation where we will discuss your main complaints. A detailed case history will be taken and this will be followed by the first treatment.

Treatments will usually involve a combination of Therapies depending on the nature of the complaint. However if you would like purely Acupuncture or Massage then this is also possible.

It is strongly advised that you rest for the rest of the day after a treatment in order for it to be most effective.

Vigorous physical activity and consumption of alcohol or drugs are to be avoided for the next 24 hours if possible.

Tui Na Massage is generally practiced over regular clothing. It is advised to wear regular comfortable cotton clothing for treatments. Avoid if possible materials such as sequins and jeans. For Acupuncture loose fitting clothing is also advised and it is ideal to bring shorts. Blankets and sheets are provided to keep the you warm if areas such as the back are being treated.
None of our therapies are painful. Acupuncture is not at all painful when performed correctly. For those that are nervous you will be happy to know we practice a particularly gentle style of Acupuncture with very fine needles. The emphasis is on creating a relaxing and comfortable environment for the patient to encourage the healing process. Tui Na Massage is known as a strong form of deep tissue massage and pressure is applied to tender and sore area’s but only to the extent that it is comfortable for the patient. Whilst you will not experience direct pain some places may feel tender or strange but this is certainly nothing to worry about and quite usually after a few treatments those areas feel normal again.
It is important to stress that treatment in China and Japan is not simply restricted to one or two sessions; patients come in daily for treatments and stay until the problem is completely gone. In west the tendency to expect cures immediately is problematic for many reasons. The reality is treatment takes time, if your body has spent a great deal of time in an imbalanced state then it can take time to re-instate balance. We always recommend a thorough treatment program with at least a session a week until the symptoms are largely improved. After this a period of regular (every 2-4 weeks) follow up sessions are recommended to ensure the problem is fully treated. There is nothing worse than having the same issue come up again and again and only half treat it each time. Time and commitment are essential in order to recover your health. Treatments are in fact enjoyable and relaxing! Many people continue to have regular maintenance treatments after their main complaint has been treated to stay in good health.

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