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We will send you a booking confirmation of your appointment time and date via email.

The first session will begin with an initial consultation where we will discuss your main complaints and relevant medical history. This will be followed by your first treatment.

Treatment may involve just Acupuncture or it may be combined with Massage or Cupping as well depending on the nature of your health complaint/s.

It is strongly advised that you rest for the rest of the day after a treatment in order for it to be most effective.

Vigorous physical activity and consumption of alcohol or drugs should be avoided for the next 12 hours if possible.

We recommend wearing regular loose fitting and comfortable clothing for treatments. It is sometimes helpful to bring a pair of shorts for acupuncture.

None of our therapies are painful. Acupuncture is not at all painful when performed correctly and uses very fine needles compared to those used for a blood test. The emphasis is on creating a relaxing and comfortable environment for you to encourage the natural healing process.

Tui Na Massage is known as a strong form of deep tissue massage and pressure is applied to tender and sore area’s but only to the extent that it is comfortable for the patient. Whilst you will not experience direct pain some places may feel tender or strange but this is certainly nothing to worry about and quite usually after a few treatments those areas feel normal again.

The majority of our patients report a significant improvement in their main health complaint after around 4 weeks. We generally recommend a thorough treatment program with weekly sessions for the first month or so to start with. After the main symptoms begin to noticeably improve then treatments can become progressively less frequent. For more long term health issues and chronic conditions more frequent treatments are often needed.

We do recommend occasional regular maintenance sessions after a problem has been resolved to help ensure it does not come back! The good news is that treatments are in fact enjoyable and relaxing! Many people are happy to continue to have regular maintenance treatments after their main complaint has been treated to stay in good health.

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