Living With The Rhythms of The Seasons

Living with the rhythms of the seasons is an often ignored aspect of modern Chinese Medicine. This is the idea of adapting ourselves and our lifestyles to the Earth’s natural cycles and the seasons. The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine (commonly recognised as the key doctrine on the subject) emphasises living in a natural synthesis […]

The Daoist Influence on Chinese Medicine

The theories of Daoism remain to this day the underlying theories of diagnosis and treatment in Chinese Medicine. In this article I will briefly introduce and examine the theories of the San Bao (3 treasures), Yin and Yang and the theory of the Wu Xing (5 elements). The natural and holistic elements of Chinese medicine […]

History of Chinese Medicine

The History of Chinese medicine was intimately connected with the Daoist and Buddhist traditions of China. Chinese Medicine originated from the ancient shamanic practices of ancient China and continued to develop in respect for those principles. The practices of the Wu Yi (shaman doctors) involved highly esoteric arts such as exorcism, healing, dream interpretation and spirit […]

An Introduction to Chinese Medicine

‘In the past people practised the Dao, the way of life… They ate a balanced diet at regular times, arose and retired at regular hours, avoided over stressing their bodies and minds and refrained from over indulgence of all kinds… Because they lived simply these individuals knew contentment.’ These days, people have changed their way […]